Georganne Heller's Art is on Display in Las Vegas!

Georganne Heller

From the Art and Beyond Magazine:

"Georganne Heller's artworks are, as she describes it, "Surreal dramas that invite the viewer to the world of her dreams". Georganne is a theatrical producer and her collages are three dimensional wall constructions, which take us from reality to an abstracted stage mystery. Her artwork reminds us of contemporary art experimentation, with imagery and reality similar to what was done in Cubism and De Stijl, taking us one step closer to abstractionism"
Vered Galor

We want to share with you some recent news: Georganne's art was chosen through a competition and exhibited in the solo show at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art in Las Vegas 450 Freemont Str. Suite 270, Las Vegas, NV 89101 The exhibition will be on view from April 21 until July 21, 2016


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