georganne aldrich heller
Art Series






As daughter of Larry Aldrich founder of the Aldrich Museum in Ridgefield Connecticut I have always been surrounded by Contemporary Art. Before the Museum became a reality my father was a famous couturier and I would visit him AND be surrounded by buttons laces fabrics and drawings of new designs. This had a great influence on my early visions.

When I began my art career my focus was on boxes within which I created little worlds with pieces of found objects and stage sets, I soon found these boxes to be too confining and moved to canvas and cork board instead.

Art is my way of constructing a reality that is whimsical and theatrical and can transport you to visions of your own fantasies.

I feel viewing art is the door to broaden your own horizons and that you own meditation, that will be the pathway to unlocking your inner creativity that is within all of us when it is allowed to flow.

My art allows me to see the beauty in color and design in ordinary everyday objects, in buildings, in clothing, in nature.

We are all surrounded by beauty, all we need to do is stop, look and take it all in.


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